14 August 2012

Blog Post number 1

by {"name"=>"Majed El Helou", "avatar"=>"SwissTech.jpg", "bio"=>"Postdoctoral research scientist, conducting research in computational imaging and applied machine learning.", "location"=>"EPFL, Switzerland", "googlescholar"=>"https://scholar.google.ch/citations?hl=en&user=caOfhrkAAAAJ", "email"=>nil, "uri"=>nil, "bitbucket"=>nil, "codepen"=>nil, "dribbble"=>nil, "flickr"=>nil, "facebook"=>nil, "foursquare"=>nil, "github"=>"majedelhelou", "google_plus"=>nil, "keybase"=>nil, "instagram"=>nil, "impactstory"=>nil, "lastfm"=>nil, "linkedin"=>nil, "pinterest"=>nil, "soundcloud"=>nil, "steam"=>nil, "tumblr"=>nil, "vine"=>nil, "weibo"=>nil, "xing"=>nil, "youtube"=>nil, "wikipedia"=>nil}

This is a sample blog post. Lorem ipsum I can’t remember the rest of lorem ipsum and don’t have an internet connection right now. Testing testing testing this blog post. Blog posts are cool.

Headings are cool

You can have many headings

Aren’t headings cool?

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