I am a postdoctoral research scientist at EPFL’s Image and Visual Representation Lab IVRL. My research is in computational imaging and applied machine learning (overlapping with signal/image processing and computational photography, estimation theory, deep learning, optics, and computer vision).

Papers, code, and posters/presentations can be found on my publications page, and other resources like datasets under misc. Past and current supervised projects are listed here.

Research news

  • Jan 2022: Our BIGPrior image restoration paper is accepted in IEEE TIP.
  • Dec 2021: Our controllable confidence-based image denoising paper is accepted in IS&T Electronic Imaging.
  • Aug 2021: Our paper making pretrained classifiers robust to noise-corrupted images is accepted in IEEE Signal Processing Letters.
  • Jun 2021: Our video completion patent demo is published online.
  • May 2021: Our denoising paper, exploiting network epistemic uncertainty and frequency manipulations to create a self ensemble, is accepted in IEEE ICIP.
  • Mar 2021: Our BIGPrior poster is accepted for presentation at IEEE ICCP.
  • Jan 2021: We hold the second edition of the relighting challenges in the CVPR NTIRE workshop, using VIDIT data with depth information.
  • Jul 2020: Our paper on the analysis of frequency-conditional learning in deep super-resolution and denoising networks, and a stochastic masking method to improve both tasks, is accepted in ECCV.
  • Jul 2020: Our paper on joint denoising and super-resolution in microscopy imaging is accepted in BioImage Computing, ECCVW.
  • May 2020: VIDIT is released, and is used in the ECCV AIM workshop for the relighting competitions that we are co-organizing.
  • Mar 2020: Our BUIFD paper on image denoising, later presented in the CVPR CDD workshop, is accepted in IEEE TIP.
  • Jan 2020: Our 3 papers on extreme video completion, network regularization and point embeddings are accepted in IEEE ICASSP.
  • Jun 2019: Our paper on spectral defocus disambiguation is accepted in OSA Math, with its extension in OSA Continuum.
  • May 2019: Our paper on automated robotic painting is accepted in IEEE ICRA.
  • Oct 2018: My PhD thesis presentation wins the first place of the people’s choice award at IEEE ICIP.
  • Jun 2018: I am on leave for a research internship with the Computer Vision and Mobile Robots group at Disney Research.
  • May 2018: Our chromatic aberration assessment paper is accepted in IEEE ICIP.
  • Mar 2018: Our solution wins the honorable mention award in the CVPR NTIRE workshop.
  • May 2017: Our multi-spectral deblurring paper is accepted in IEEE ICIP.

Contact details

Feel free to contact me for questions regarding publications/code. You can find contact details on my EPFL directory.